ditch filter

Filter Clarifies Ditch Water

  In irrigated sections, many farmers use water from the ditches for household purposes. This water, however, is usually more or less muddy, but with a simple filler, such as the one described, it may be satisfactorily clarified. At right angles to the irrigation ditch, and connected with it, another ditch, from 4 to 10 ft, in length is dug. It is made a little deeper than the ditch carrying the water, and at the end, a large-sized joint of vitrified tile is set. Coarse gravel is tamped around the tile, and a layer placed in the bottom; a layer of finer gravel is put on this. A section of the short lateral ditch is packed with coarse sand. This is faced with a layer of gravel, and lastly, with large stones at the water's edge.

  In operation, the water percolates through the sand and gravel, rising in the tile, from which it may be dipped or pumped. Most of the impurities will he removed by the process and the water will be clear and cool. A concrete curb, or even a barrel, may be substituted for the joint of tile.

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