Realist versus

Preppers and Survivalist

Written by Kenneth D. Nunn

Realist: 1. a person who recognizes what is real or possible in a particular situation 2. one who accepts and deals with things as they really are

   Now let's look at the difference in the philosophy of Preppers, Survivalist and Realist.

   The difference lies in the fact that Preppers and Survivalist cannot seem to comprehend that when the World suffers a catastrophic, world changing event, one that destroys the power grid, living conditions and society will not return to normal in a few days or a couple weeks.

   Let's be clear on one point. When the U.S. suffers an event as we assume, things will never be back to what we assume to be or call normal. That seems to be the one thing most Preppers and/or Survivalist just can't seem to comprehend. They think a few days or maybe a couple weeks things will return to normal. Actually, I can understand where they get these assumptions. These assumptions come from the government who actually seems to trivialize a nuclear attack and/or any event that shuts down the power grid. Most politicians simply will not take the vulnerability of the power grid seriously. This is true even as most experts, military and scientist have and are voicing their concerns daily. It is my belief the politicians simply do not know how to confront the situation. In order to confront the problem would require them to admit their failure to confront and act on the dangers in the past. After all the first Congressional meeting on these dangers were back in 2003.

   A major responsibility of the government is protecting its citizens. This I think would be especially true in our homeland. In this the government is and has been derelict in its duties. When was the last time you saw a bomb shelter or heard the words civil defense even mentioned.

   Not one official government site that I have researched offers the obvious. This would be in warning and helping the public prepare for the ever-present dangers we face. The Government should have as policy to help train and prepare the public for the worse case scenario. Most believe this would be an High Altitude Electromagnetic Plus Bomb or better known as an HEMP. The second would be a nuclear bomb attack . But, to the contrary, in searching FEMA and the other government sites to see just what recommendation and instruction the Government provides has for the most part proven futile. On the FEMA site there is a total of two pages on nuclear attacks. Homeland Security provides a whopping four pages dealing with a nuclear attack. Included in this are four pages with a grand total of zero pages dealing with preparing. Although, I have to admit there is a total of six short sentences telling what to do during an attack. The other information is mostly explaining what a nuclear bomb is.

   What little information there are on the Government sites deal, for the most part, with what radiation is and what it does. If you are searching for information on the aftermath of a nuclear attack, then again you are out of luck. Actually, I believe this is intentional. The Government does not want to tell the public they cannot expect help of any kind from the Government. During and after a nuclear attack the Governments, local, state and federal, main function will be to protect and maintain the Government.

   The fact of the matter is in the event of a nuclear attack or for that matter any national catastrophic event as we assume, the citizens will be on our own. We understand when the power grid is lost, then the world we know today will end in an instance. This in essence is the difference in Survivalist, Preppers and Realist. Survivalist and Preppers believe that if they have the supplies to survive, usually in place, for a week or two, maybe even a month or so then the government cavalry will come riding in to save the day. Realist on the other hand understand that when an event as we assume occurs then the World as we know it ends. We are on our own. There will be no help coming...not tomorrow...not in three days...not in a week...month or year. We will be 100% on our own. Knowing this we have prepared for the worst scenario. We have prepared for long term survival in a world that has been thrust back in time a hundred or two hundred years in the past.

We Will Survive

Copyright © 2018 Kenneth D. Nunn

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