Civil Defense: protective actions and emergency relief activities carried on by civilians in case of enemy attack or natural disaster.

  We live in a clueless society, sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. Sometimes I am complete awestruck by the people of the United States.

  The realization of the United States suffering a national catastrophic event is real… very real. This is not conjecture, this is fact. Even our government is aware of the fact that the U.S. and the World will suffer a nationwide life changing event at any time. It just seems they do not want the general public to be aware of these threats.

Man-made events:

  Our adversaries have made it blatantly clear that they will not hesitate to annihilate the United States if they deem it necessary to further their goals. There are many man-made events that could be used to this end.

  These would of course include war. In this list would be a Nuclear War, HEMP, Terrorist Attack, Biological War, Chemical, Cyber Attack and "Radiological Dispersal Device". Anyone of these would be devastating to our way of life.

  The possibility of a natural catastrophic national event is just as possible if not more so than a man-made event. There have been catastrophic natural events occurring since the beginning of time. Without a doubt there will be others. What frightens me is the fact it has been a long time since the last natural catastrophic event. Logically that means we are getting closer to a natural event every day.

  What is perplexing to me is why people do not take these dangers seriously? These events will happen, they are inevitable, one or more could occur at any time. Yet few people even acknowledge these dangers exist much less the extent of the dangers and damage they present. I have some people laugh it off saying this is just another conspiracy theory… Conspiracy theory? No, this is fact they will happen. No one can disprove these facts. Actually, it would take a fool to even try. What is not known is when these disasters will occur.

Natural Events:

  There are a multitude of natural events that would end our way of life. These would include Earthquake, Super Volcano, and Geomagnetic Storm. These are all very real and have happened time and time again.

  What is even more perplexing is when people who have no proof, only theory, computer models, and ideas speak up, their word is taken as fact. Take for instance “Climate Change”, President Biden, Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, and Robert Redford say the oceans are going to boil…the sea level will rise, humanity will perish. Fact? Not at all yet they are not questioned. Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent, the economy wrecked, millions of jobs lost due to the premise of Climate Change/Green Movement. Not one iota of evidence this will happen or is even possible, yet a Worldwide movement is built around this myth. A myth, it cannot be proven.

  Conversely, there are ample facts that the World will suffer a national Worldwide catastrophic event yet little attention is given to this fact. How can this be so?

  The same can be said for a man-made catastrophic event. There will be another war, it is inevitable, it is man's nature. Yet little attention is given to the fact. How can it be so?

  Here I can only render a guess albeit it an educated guess. In a nutshell…it all comes down to politics. A few years ago, the U.S. had a very active and productive “Civil Defense” department. The “Civil Defense” was shut down around 1961. Why was it shut down? Politics, this is exactly the reason the “Department of Civil Defense” was deactivated.

  In order for you to better understand the absurdity behind the deactivation of the Department of Civil Defense I'll have to get a little long winded, I apologize.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

  In 1954, the United States government began an annual national civil defense exercise called "Operation Alert". The exercise extended over several weeks to months and would culminate in a one-day public drill simulating a nuclear attack. The aim of the annual exercise was to evaluate emergency preparedness in the face of a nuclear attack, determine government continuation readiness, and identify problems that might occur during an alert.

  Operation Alert was actively protested by the Catholic Worker Movement, Ralph Di Gia, Dorothy Day and others in New York City when held on June 15, 1955. Protesters objected to the notion that a nuclear war was survivable, and answered with the assertion that the only way to survive a nuclear war was for one not to happen at all. 29 were arrested in City Hall Park and jailed for refusing to take shelter during a drill. Protests, initially small and isolated, continued and grew throughout the 1950s. Opposition to the drills increased; young mothers with children joined the protests in 1960. Civil Defense Operation Alert drills were stopped after the 1961 protest.

  After the September 11, 2001, attacks, US civil defense planning was conducted within the cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Between 1979 and 2001, the duties of civil defense were served by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Originally an independent agency, FEMA was absorbed into DHS in 2003. Before the creation of FEMA in 1979 the responsibility for civil defense in the United States was shared between a wide variety of short-lived and frequently changing departments, agencies, and organizations.

  This remains a hot potato politically today. I did research and was unable to find any government agency that is willing to tackle “Civil Defense.”

  The biggest failure of the U.S. Government will be its failure to adequately prepare the general public for a national catastrophic event.

  The next world war will have no winners, the entire world will be sent back in time a hundred years or more. There is very little doubt of this. The weapons of war today, when used in a World war will be devastating. This is obvious from what we know of the weapons the United States possess. We know our adversaries possess equally lethal weapons in their arsenals. Understand, this is just what we know. What is unknown is far more frightening than what we know. These weapons have the potential of killing billions and destroying the world's infrastructure in a matter of days at the most. The Congressional Commission on HEMP estimates that a successful HEMP attack on the U.S. will result is a fatality rate of 90% in a year's time. That's right, 90% of the population would perish in a year's time following a successful HEMP attack. This will be due to physical damage, radioactive matter, starvation, anarchy, and biological.

  The same is true for the natural catastrophic events the world will face at some time. A super volcano such as the Yellowstone volcano will cause unimaginable physical damage. However, the most devastating damage will be caused by ash blocking the sun around the world for months if not years. These would have the effect of reducing the earth's temperature and causing an ice age. This would result in destroying all life on earth.

  An earthquake on the New Madrid Fault would destroy the infrastructure beyond repair. According to a FEMA report released in 2008 an earthquake in the New Madrid Fault would be catastrophic and result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States.”

  This is the one situation where the general public is going to have to fend for itself.

October 2023

  Putin threatens the West with total nuclear destruction leaving “no chance of survival” in the event of a strike on Russia as he warns his “Satan-2” and “Flying Chernobyl” missiles are ready for use in ranting anti-US speech. He also repeated that Moscow may withdraw from the nuclear test ban treaty.

March 2023

  China's foreign minister has warned Washington of “conflict and confrontation” if it fails to change course in relations with Beijing, striking a combative tone amid conflicts over Taiwan, COVID-19 and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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