Our mission here at Preparing to Survive, is to do what we can to bring awareness to the many dangers we are now facing. Not only to bring awareness but also to help you and your family in preparing to survive these events.

   At Preparing to Survive we focus on the worse-case scenarios. We focus on a nationwide catastrophic event. In focusing on the worst-case event then you are also prepared for a less severe event. Similar to insurance, when you purchase health insurance or auto insurance you purchase for the worst-case scenarios. You do not want to purchase a health insurance policy to cover a cold or flu. Nor do you purchase auto insurance to cover a fender bender.

   The worst-case scenarios we are preparing for at Preparing to Survive and its sister books is any event that will destroy the electrical power grid. There are a number of events that can occur that would result in the loss of the power grid, both man-made and natural. I won't go into these here, these events are thoroughly covered here on the website and in the books.

   At Preparing to Survive, we look at ourselves as Realist rather than Preppers and/or Survivalist.

   Realist: 1. a person who recognizes what is real or possible in a particular situation 2. one who accepts and deals with things as they really are.

   Now let's look at the difference in the philosophy of Preppers, Survivalist and Realist.

   The difference lies in the fact that Preppers and Survivalist cannot seem to comprehend that when the World suffers a catastrophic, world changing event, one that destroys the power grid, living conditions and society will not return to normal in a few days, couple weeks or ever.

   Let's be clear on one point. When the U.S. suffers an event as we assume, the country will be thrust back in time 150 years or more. Society will never be back to what we assume to be or call normal. That seems to be the one thing most Preppers and/or Survivalist just can't seem to comprehend. They think in a few days or maybe a couple weeks things will return to normal.

   This is simply not going to be the case. Once the power grid is destroyed society will never be the same. This is not just me talking. In recent years, unbeknownst to the public, there have been numerous congressional hearings and committee meetings discussing this very issue. There have been many military, scientists, and other specialists warning the government. This is the mission of Preparing to Survive, to bring these facts to the public. On the Preparing to Survive website and in our books, you will find official report after report documenting the dangers every man, woman, and child is facing today. We feel this information needs to be brought to the public's attention.

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