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With nearly 9 million copies in print, The Foxfire Book and its eleven companion volumes stand memorial to the people and the vanishing culture of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, brought to life for readers through the words of those who were born, lived their lives, and passed away there—words collected by high school students who wanted to be a part of their community and preserve their heritage.

Rainy Day Foods

Rainy Day Foods has been in business 54 years and has been providing dehydrated foods and supplies for immediate use and long term food storage for over 20 years.

Considered a leader in the market, Rainy Day Foods has been instrumental in moving forward the technology of preserving dried foods to facilitate long storage life.

Lehman Hardware & Appliances

Store founded in 1955 to serve the local Amish and others without electricity. Source of many hard to find items.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Loaded with information on farming and gardening.

Missouri Department of Conservation

This is one of the best state run site we have come across. Contains many useful artcicles on crafts and animals

Beartracker’s Animal Tracks Den

The original online field guide to tracks and tracking – since 1997.

This site is intended to be a source of information about North American animals and their tracks.

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