Reliable Weather Signs

Taken From: American and Canadian Sportsman's Encyclopedia of Valuable Instruction

By "Buzzacott" Revised Edition 1913

  Pale yellow sky at Sunset indicates wet weather

  Red Sunrise indicates Rain and Wind

  Red at night Camper's Delight;

  Red at Morning Camper's warning,"

  Rain before seven, quits before eleven."

  Rain with East Wind is lengthy

  Red Eastern Sky at sunset means bad weather to come

  Sudden Rain, short duration

  Slow Rain lasts long

  When Beetles Fly expect a fine tomorrow

  Busy Spiders mean fine weather

  Flies bite harder on approaching storms

  When Dogs sniff the air frequently look out for a change in the weather

  Morning Rains make clear Afternoons

  Birds flying high indicate good weather

  Birds and Animals travel away from water in the morning, toward water at night

  Hiding Spiders or Breaking Webs indicate Storms

  Heavy Dew means Dry weather to follow

  When Birds ruffle or pick their feathers, huddle together, look out for changes in the weather

  Low Clouds swiftly moving indicate coolness and rain

  Grey morning sky means good weather

  Soft looking clouds mean fine weather to come, moderate winds.

  Hard Edged Clouds, light winds

  Rolled or ragged clouds heavy winds

  A strip of Seaweed, in tent or house, in fine weather, keeps dry and dusty-like in coming rains it gets wet, damp and sticky

  To tell the Points of the Compass with a watch."When the sun is to be seen(for men do even get lost in sun-light) put down your watch with the hour hand pointing directly toward the sun – half way between the hour hand and figure twelve is south.

  Do not kill more game than you need

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