Why Prepare ?

Written by Kenneth D. Nunn

I am sure a number of you are new to our site. In order for you to fully understand and take advantage of what we are attempting to accomplish you must understand what we are preparing for. You must understand our expectations and/or assumptions and what we base these expectations and assumption on. Our basic premise is based on what we believe to be the worst-case scenario. This would be a catastrophic event, natural or man-made that would overnight hurl the United States as well as the world back in time one hundred fifty or more years. We will show how this is not only possible but extremely likely. We will show that there are numerous learned scientist that agree with our expectations and assumptions. We will show how precarious the U.S.'s and the Worlds infrastructure actually is. From now on infrastructure will be referring to the U.S. as well as the World's infrastructure, unless otherwise stated.

Now a note here...throughout articles and throughout the website and Facebook you will soon notice that we often insert definition of certain words or phrases. This is not because we question your intelligence, we simply want to make certain we are all on the same page.

To begin let's look at the infrastructure.

Infrastructure 1. the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization) 2. the permanent installations required for military purposes 3. the system of public works of a country, state, or region; also : the resources (such as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity.

Put in basic terms, as they say, the heart of the infrastructure is the power grid. Without the power grid nothing else works, the infrastructure is useless without electricity. Cutting off the electrical power would be akin to cutting off the blood supply to the body. Without blood our brain would cease to function. Without blood our muscles would cease to function. Without blood our body would quickly die.

So put another way the power grid is the U.S.'s Achilles heel. Much like our Achilles heel the power grid is also one of if not the most vulnerable sector of our infrastructure. Now, I am not going into the many vulnerabilities of the power grid. This is covered and will be covered throughout the website and the Facebook.

As stated earlier we are assuming the worst-case scenario. That would be the loss of the power grid for an extended period of time. This would result in irreparable damage to the infrastructure and consequently to society. That is the basis for our web site, facebook, magazine and our books. In order to survive this situation, we must prepare for long term survival.

This is the purpose of Preparing to Survive . Helping you and your family prepare for long term survival. We help you prepare for the worst-case scenario as we have laid out. Think about it, you have prepared for the worst-case scenario in all our aspects of your life why not prepare for an event that would be for more devastating to you and your family than anything else you have prepared for. Do you not have health insurance for the worst-case scenario or did you buy health insurance to cover only minor illnesses? How about auto insurance did you buy insurance for only a fender bender? Preparing for long term survival will be the most important insurance you can have while at the same time being the cheapest.

And now a disclaimer...None of us at Preparing to Survive make any claim that we possess more intelligence than anyone else. Everything we present with our website, Facebook, magazine and books is bases on information we have obtained from research. If we give our opinion it will be duly acknowledged as such.

Copyright © 2018 Kenneth D. Nunn

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