Perilous Times

Written by Kenneth Nunn

   Things are bad...and getting worse daily...I am referring to the World political situation as well as what we are seeing in the U.S. Unless you are willing to do your own research you really have no idea what is taking place in the U.S. much less the World. We have reached the point where the news media is more fiction than truth. The fact is you can't believe what you read or hear. Everything is distorted, the majority of what you read or hear is propagandized to fit some party, some organizations or some countries agenda. You can no longer enjoy a movie without being exposed to someone's political agenda. The truth no longer matters, it is irrelevant.

   We are being told of the atrocities taking place in China and North Korea while at the same time some of these same atrocities are taking place in the U.S. We have words that can no longer be spoken, these words are being removed from the dictionaries. We have books being removed not only from our public libraries but also from school libraries. We have statues of national heroes being removed from public places. Attempts are constantly being made to remove our duly elected officials from office by impeachment. At the same time, we have the audacity to criticize other countries.

   Our government, our education system, the news media and the entertainment industry have done a very good job of brainwashing the last two generation. Our history has and is being changed right before our eyes. Of course, most of the blame rest on our shoulders...the "older generations." For the last fifty or sixty years we have been complacent in our duties not only as parents but also as citizens. We have allowed our society to become an immoral society. We are now in an anything goes society. A society where the older wiser generations are ridiculed. Where teenagers are given credence. Where entertainers, even comedian are looked upon as great sages. Parents are regarded as irrelevant, old fashion, and at best just plain dumb. The left is doing everything possible to turn offsprings against their parents. This has taken us to the place we are today, a very dangerous and volatile place.

   We have anarchists parading around in black clothing with hoods and mask that are held up as heroes by the media. These anarchists are even supported and held in high esteem by politicians. Our police and military personal are ridiculed not only by the public but also by our politicians. Our justice system has thrown the rule of law out the window.

   Then there is the congress of the United States...Employees of the U.S. taxpayer. We must understand that the role of the congress has changed in the last few years. Today the congress no longer works for the good of the people or the good of country. Today congress is a business…a big business with a lot of power. To be more inclusive all politics is now a business, a very big business. Today people get into politics to make money and gain power which coincidentally is the same thing. How else do you explain how the last two ex-presidents who by their own admissions enter politics broke and are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars while never holding a job outside of the government. There are two hundred sixty or so congressmen in office today that are millionaires. The vast majority became millionaires after being elected to office. That should speak for itself.

   Now what does this have to do with "Preparing to Survive." Simple...This country is not being governed as it should. Today it is obvious the main purpose of every congressman is self-interest, to get reelected and either to not lose control if you are a republican or to gain control if you are a democrat. Very rarely do you see or hear anything about what is good for the country. It is all about what is good for the congressman and their party. You see or hear nothing about the military or defense. You hear nothing about our infrastructure. You hear nothing about healthcare. You hear nothing about social security. You hear nothing about the economy. It's all about climate change, women's rights, gun control, immigration and of course impeach President Trump. These are all simply talking points. The fact is everyone knowns women have the same and equal rights as do men. Everyone knows climate control is a hoax. Everyone knowns gun control if passed will stop nothing. Everyone knows it is too late to stop illegal immigration. It's all B.S.

   The democrats' latest move is again an impeachment scam. Most of the gullible citizens of the U.S. think the impeachment process is underway. Not at all, this is nothing, simply an inquiry. Instead of taking care of the country's business they are again wasting their time and costing the country millions of dollars. Just think what congress could accomplish if they would spend their time on the countries business instead of spending all of their time on politics.

   Our adversaries see what is happening in our country. They realize the citizens of the U.S. are probably the most complacent people in the World. At the same time, they are the most uninformed people, as far as what is taking place in the World.

   A few months ago, President Trump signed an Executive Order instructing the Government and businesses to start protecting our infrastructure from an EMP attack. Hardly a word in the media. Congress as well as the military have released numerous warnings on the dangers from an EMP, yet the media has said little if anything. EMPs are a proven science yet what are people and the media obsessed with... climate change. A hoax that has been disproven many times over through the years. Many of our allies as well as our adversaries are actively preparing their citizens for war. China, Japan, Russia, and Germany are all building and stocking shelters. These countries are advising their citizens to stock supplies.

   And now what has just been announced...Colt is suspending all rifle sales to the public. Colt rifles, all rifles, not just the AR15s, will now only be sold to law enforcement and military... Walmart says it will stop selling handgun and short-barrel rifle ammunition, while requesting that customers not openly carry firearms in its stores, even where state laws allow it. Would you have believed this as little as month ago? Folks, things are happening fast.

   You have to keep in mind this is not about the public's safety. Nope this is politics...President Trump has already hinted at background checks. Now there will be a battle to see who can get the most votes using the 2nd amendment as bait. Both parties are going to do and say whatever it takes to gain power or reman in power. That includes gun control, the economy and that includes War. Don't think for a moment both parties will not pull out all stops. With Colts and Walmart's decision it will be seen as a democrat win, in essence "checkmate." The republicans will have to counter.

My Point Being

   I for one think the government is underestimating the citizens of the U.S. The "Good Old Boys," "Older Generations," "Middle Class," we are not going to take it lying down. They will wish they had let sleeping dogs lie.

   We are indeed living in "Perilous Times." To many things coming to a head at the same time. The U.S. is in turmoil, Chinas is in turmoil, Russia is in turmoil, the E.U. is in turmoil, the Middle East is in turmoil, Canada is in turmoil. It would be smart to prepare for what is ahead.

Copyright © 2020 Kenneth D. Nunn

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