Be afraid... be very afraid... things are going to get bad. The “Black Swan” is upon us. We can already see it, societies all over the world or starting to crumble. We are in and have been in the “Perfect Storm” for a few months now. It’s been building for a few years. First with immigrants flooding countries, changing their cultures virtually overnight…then impeachment, then the coronavirus hits, coronavirus leads to economic crash and to top it off the oil industry crashes. The coronavirus has created the "Perfect Storm." It is sickening and killing thousands. The Coronavirus is creating panic throughout the World, while quickly destroying the World economy.

   The “Perfect Storm” is pitting country against country. In the U.S. it is pitting state against state, county against county, city against city, people against people and worst of all family member against family member. It is bringing out the worse in the political World. There is another storm brewing just over the horizon, a storm the like of which the people of the United States have never experienced before.

   Keep in mind, that this situation could and is expected to get far worse, but so far as conditions today, it is far from being the worst-case scenario.

   To reiterate as bad as it is at this time, it is far from being a worst-case scenario. My fear is that it is in fact going to get worse. Look at the way people are reacting today. It’s only been a few weeks sense President Trump declared a “National Emergency.” Just weeks ago, now the country is coming unglued. The Government is saying the situation is going to get much worse. They are saying at least a month before coronavirus restrictions ease up.

   Recently the headlines on Drudge Report says it all. "New York City Business Burglaries Rise 75%", "Stores Prepare for Civil Unrest." People are getting restless, antsy. Many are advocating openly defying the quarantine rules.

   If the way people are already reacting is any indication, then things are going to get worse much worse. I’m not talking about the coronavirus; I’m talking about society. We are going to see civil unrest like never before. Once it starts in places like New York City anarchy is going to spread like wildfire. We have seen it in small disasters many times. The Government knows it coming.

“On Friday, Trump said he signed an executive order that would give the Defense Department, "The authority to activate the ready reserve components of the armed forces."

   As much as I hate to say this, President Trump and our government have blown it. They let this Coronavirus pandemic get out of hand. Actually, the government never had a handle on it. Obviously, as hard as it is to believe, there was no emergency response plan in place to cover a situation of this magnitude. The government is making the response up as they go. As events play out, it becomes more obvious that not only is the government not prepared for a catastrophic event such as this, the public is also vastly unprepared.

   In just the last few years there have been more and more warning and indications that just such a pandemic as the World is now facing was a very real possibility. The following is from Congressional hearings in 2018 & 2019.

Taken from: Politico


There is no plan: Despite warnings, Congress failed to fully fund pandemic bill

   Public-health experts complained that budget cuts were undermining preparedness. Congress did not take heed.

   Public-health experts trooped to Capitol Hill in 2018 and 2019 to ask Congress to invest hundreds of millions of additional dollars in the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness act, testifying that many of the programs created after 9/11 to ready the nation’s health system for any kind of disaster had since been stripped down to dangerously low levels.

   "The nation is not ready to provide medical care in large catastrophes or big epidemics of contagious disease," Tom Inglesby of Johns Hopkins University warned the Senate HELP Committee. "There is no surge plan for taking care of larger numbers of patients with contagious, potentially lethal infectious diseases."

   Following are two bills that Congress drew up in 2019, No: 116-22 (6/24/2019) Passed and became law. H.R.269 - Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Act of 2019 has passed the House on January 8, 2019 but has gotten no further.

   The concern for a Worldwide Pandemic goes back even further to 2005 when President George W. Bush was obsessed with the dangers presented by a Worldwide Pandemic. Actually, his administration was concerned with the inevitability of not just a pandemic but a number of different catastrophic events. In 2009 the Bush Administration released the “Homeland Security National Infrastructure Protection Plan 2009.” This report is what got me to studying these events. I published “The True State of the Union” in 2012, using much of the Bush’s administration’s “Homeland Security National Infrastructure Protection Plan 2009” report. Much of what is in the book is coming to pass or is just over the horizon. I guarantee you will be shocked at what you can learn in the book.

   The Bush Administration stockpiled medical supplies necessary to fight a pandemic, such as respirators, mask, gloves and other PPEs. Not only did they stockpile supplies, they also implemented plans to detect, control and fight a Worldwide pandemic.

   When the Obama Administration came into office all of these issues and pending legislation were dropped or ignored. Supplies were not replenished as they were used or aged.

   Even with President Bush, in the face of the these warning the Government did or has done little if anything to prepare the public for such an event. Each admiration has simply passed the baton to the next administration.

   What little effort they have spent trying to warn and prepare the public is miserably lacking. Up until the Coronavirus Pandemic hit there was little to no information to be found on the “” website. Since the Coronavirus hit there has been a scramble to get information up on the site… Too little too late.

This is found on FEMA’s website, under the “Strategic Plan” heading

Build a Culture of Preparedness

Every segment of our society, from individual to government, industry to philanthropy, must be encouraged and empowered with the information it needs to prepare for the inevitable impacts of future disasters.

   Notice the keyword inevitable. If it is and has been understood that such disasters are inevitable, then why has the country not been preparing for these disasters. The statement above is true, but I will bet that you, like most citizens are unaware of the website. Our society was not been warned of the dangers, there was no information. There were no public announcements.

   Now I fully understand the government, or the public cannot be fully prepared for every disaster. It is however not only feasible but necessary for the public to be prepared for the inevitable. By this I mean in most any disaster there will be certain needs, certain procedures, and certain signs. Food, water, medical and first aid supplies, clothing, and shelter. What reason could there be for not making the public aware of these needs. The public could and should be informed and prepared.

   Why has the government not addressed the inevitability of such a pandemic? Because they needed the “Perfect Storm”, The Black Swan”, in order to carry out their agenda. What is their agenda…Socialism…? Socialism pure and simple. The fact of the matter is they have accomplished their goal. That’s right they have accomplished their goal. For all practical purposes the United States is now a Socialist country. The only question is to what degree will the United States be Socialist when we come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The U.S. was already socialist to some degree with all the entitlements, but the latest round of stimulus takes us over the top.

   You don’t agree? Just look where we are at today. The Government has just passed a $2.2 Trillion stimulus package.

• Direct payments of $1,200.00 to each taxpayer. $500.00 for each child.

• $350 billion in direct loans and grants to small businesses of 500 employees or less.

• $500 billion allocated for direct loans, guarantees, and other assistance to large- and mid-sized business.

• $100 billion directly to hospitals and other healthcare providers.

• Involuntary collections of student loan debt are suspended, including wage garnishments, Social Security garnishments and tax refund offsets.

• The U.S. Department of Education will automatically suspend payments on direct loans and FFELs (Federal Family Education Loans) held by the federal government through September 30, 2020.

• Additional unemployment benefits. Compensation of $600 per week in addition to any existing benefits.

• $150 billion of direct assistance designated to states and local municipalities.

   This, to me looks like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may have authored this.

   Don’t misunderstand, nothing else could be done to save the economy. Something drastic had to be done. After all we are in the “Perfect Storm.” I don’t believe President Trump wanted this bill. Why should he, to what purpose, why mess with a near perfect three and a half years, a perfect economy and he has the democrats on the ropes. He was a virtual shoe-end for re-election. If this was a planned situation or a conspiracy, then I believe it had to be orchestrated by the “World Power Elite.” These people have tremendous power and influence. They can manipulate the World’s Economy and Governments as they wish. That’s right they have great influence in the U.S., our Federal Government and even more in the States Government. They have lots of money, they own many Congressmen, the own may judges and rest assured they own at least one former President. They control most industries, there by controlling the World economy.

   To understand my thinking, you have to look at the world economy as well as the U.S. economy as if it was a large board game. A game played with paper money, money they can print when needed. This is one of the things that has been revealed through the “Cares Stimulus” package. We hear over and over “we have plenty money.” In other words, we can print what we need. This is giving a lot of fuel to the Left and the Socialist movement.

The question is who are the players in this game… the answer… World Power Elite. Many of the players are household names. Below are just a few of “World Power Elite.”

1. Bill Gates

2. Warren Buffett

3. Mark Zuckerberg

4. George Soros

5. Jeff Bezos

   This has been a long time coming. In order for the Globalist to make their move everything had to be just right. You have to hand it to them they were patient. With the “Perfect Storm” they are now running full speed ahead.

   Like I just said, this is not something that just happened. The Globalist have been working on this for a long time. They have been manipulating the citizens of not only the U.S. but the World for a long time. There are signs everywhere.

   Just stop and take a few minutes to think what has happened to our society in the last twenty or thirty years.

   One thing that really stands out for me with the situation we now find ourselves in is… Parental responsibility. Parental responsibilities have slowly been taken over by the Government. With the stay at home orders I would say the one common complaint you hear repeated over and over is childcare. Childcare or maybe more to the point lack of childcare is now every parents’ major problem or maybe I should say inconvenience.

   Three or four generations ago this would not be a problem… just the opposite… Today instead of being happy for the chance to spend more time with their children, parents are complaining about having to care for the children.

   People now presume, and have for years, that parental duties now are the Government’s responsibility and not the parents. Parents now assume it to be the schools along with day care centers job to raise, feed and train the children. This has been allowed to happen through years of conditioning.

   You don’t agree? Just look at what is one of the biggest problems parents now face as a result of the coronavirus. This would be what to do with their children now that the schools are closed. They don’t have a clue. Now in a lot of households at least one and many times both parents find themselves having to spend their entire day with their kids. They are not happy with this situation, no….instead of being happy that they get to spend more time with their families they are trying to figure out how to avoid this responsibility…..who will feed them….who will be responsible for them? Certainly, this burden cannot be put on the parents.

   Consider this, the internet is now loaded with sites that of all things explain how to entertain and play with your kids. There are sites where there are people, not parents, that will, of all things, read to your kids. Schools are continuing to prepare meals and feed your kids, with many locations feeding three meals a day. Some locations even have school buses delivering the food to your door.

   What do you think our parents or Grandparents would think of this situation? Outsiders telling parents how to care for and entertain their children. How would they feel knowing the schools had to feed their Grandkids?

   This is all by design, one more hook the Government and/or Globalist have in the Citizens. The more dependent the Citizens are on the Government the more power the Government has over the Citizens.

   I remember, not to long ago when the United States was a proud patriotic country. We demanded respect for our President. We realized the President represented our country. We stood for the Flag, and the President. News reporters or for that matter anyone who disrespected the Flag, or the President was quickly called out and put in their place. We respected our veterans. We realized millions had died not just for the country but for a way of life. I can remember the way of life we were raise in, but I am sorry to say it is a memory. Our kids will never know the life we lived.

   Another way the World and the U.S. Citizens are and have been played is with immigration. Look at what is happening in the U.K., European Union and yes, the United States. Immigration has destroyed their society. In the United States we don’t even realize it yet.

   Most will not admit it, but the fact is the immigrants and illegals have won. There are millions now in the U.S. It’s now too late to stop what has already happened. It is easy to see they have already changed our society, our very way of life. It has all been a planned invasion, they won.

   Another very powerful weapon the Globalist have used is “Drugs.” What has done more damage to Americas than “Drugs.” Just look at what is taking place. Marijuana, who would have believed what has taken place with marijuana. States are now giving grants to marijuana businesses. There is no longer punishment for marijuana use. Then there is the hard stuff. President Trump has just authorized the military to form a task force of men, ships and planes to fight the dope smugglers. Think about it, the U.S. citizens are so stupid that we now have to mobilize a military task force to protect citizens from killing themselves. Now at the same time look what the cities are doing. Cities are giving out syringes to drug heads and then designating safe areas where they can use them. Courts have all but stopped prosecuting what they call victimless crimes.

   Think about it, think about what I have just laid out, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like a science fiction movie. Most of this bizarre behavior, and I do mean bizarre, has been from the last three or four generations. Just thinking what is coming with the next generations.

   Now with the Coronavirus Pandemic the Government and Globalist see their “Perfect Storm.”

   With the Cares package the government has their claws into everyone. Everyone is thinking “hey this is alright.” Few are thinking what is this going to cost them?

   The Government gave the citizen a carrot in the form of what will turn out to be a small stimulus package. Free money, everything is great. Now comes the kicker, a much larger stimulus package, much broader benefits for everyone, especially the Democrats. Now that everyone is hooked the Democrats will set the hook and get what they want. That’s politics.

   Understand what the Government understands…these “entitlements” that are in the CARE’s stimulus package will not be allowed to go away. Neither will the “entitlement” in the next two or three stimulus packages be allowed to go away. They have us hooked… we are just starting to be played.

   Next step...anarchy. The news media is already starting to push anarchy. You can tell they can hardly wait. This coming week is going to be a very decisive week in not only the U.S., but in the World.

   People are starting to revolt. For the most part people have ignored orders to stay at home. The mistake the Government and authorities have made is that there has been no enforcement, none at all. There have been very few threats. Bad mistake…now people feel and rightly so that they can get away with most anything. When people start receiving their stimulus checks all hell will break lose. People, many of whom haven’t had that kind of money in a while, will not stay at home. Money and idle time means only one thing, it is inevitable… parties… drunken parties. Drunken parties lead to looting, and rioting… looting and rioting leads to anarchy.

   The government and authorities have totally mishandled this situation. When the Citizens refuse to follow the instruction of the Government, being egged on by the news media and the Left, what will the Government do.

   What I have laid out is hopefully the worst case scenario, a scenario we all pray never comes to pass but a scenario that unfortunately is a real possibility.

Copyright © 2020 Kenneth D. Nunn

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